Venta VS205-Ultrasonc Humidifier

Venta Sonic VS205 Cool & Warm Mist Ultrasonic Room Humidifier

Venta VS205 ultrasonic humidifier features nano-silver technology. enta VS205 alerts you about the empty tank and will switch off when the desired level of humidity has been reached

Venta VS205 ultrasonic humidifier features nano-silver technology. It means together with the demineralization cartridge, the unit is free from lime scale build-up. Venta VS205 is backed by 25 years of German engineering. The ultrasonic humidifier is the latest one in the line of very successful cool and warm mist models. Bacteria, mildew, and mold do not exist in the evaporated water. The unit is also equipped with a titanium plated oscillator, which protects it from being corroded .The design of the unit is very good and is easy to maintain.

Venta VS205 alerts you about the empty tank and will switch off when the desired level of humidity has been reached. This ultra-quiet, cool and warm mist option humidifier uses high-frequency vibration to generate micro-fine mist. A fan blows the mist visibly into the room where it instantly evaporates. The unit is low maintenance in terms of refilling frequency. It will run for 24 hrs without making a refill run. But if you need to increase the humidity levels then you need to do one more refill. To fill the tank, unscrew the filter and turn the tank upside down.

In terms of maintenance, there is no need to bother about the usual humidifying unit wick. Cleaning of Venta VS205 is simple, towel wipes to the base are enough. Then the oscillator can be scaled off using the brush which is included in the package. The design of Venta VS205 is simple, it comes in white base and blue accents on the middle and top parts. The unit has two knobs and a single button. The first button is for humidity setting. The second is for spray power and the button for the temperature of mist.

Features of Venta VS205

  • Demineralization cartridge uses state-of-the-art, nano-silver technology to provide microbial protection
  • The Unit automatically shuts off when it reaches desired humidity level, or if the water tank is empty
  • With a built-in hygrostat, the humidification is automatically controlled
  • Corrosion-resistant, titanium-plated oscillator is easy to clean and maintain and no white dust
  • The unit is suitable for rooms up to 600 square feet
  • Measures 13″ H x 13″ W x 10″ D
  • UL listed
  • One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extremely Quiet
  • Tank Capacity – 1.8 Gal
  • Optional cool or warm mist
  • Humidification Performance – up to 3.7 gals./24 hrs
  • Length of Power Cord – approximate 6 feet
  • Power Consumption – 38W (with heat 122W)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) – 13 x 10 x 13 inches

Venta VS205 – Safety Measures

While using electrical appliances, certain safety measures should always be taken, especially when children’s are present.

  • Always check whether water is present in the water tank while operating the unit.
  • To fill the tank use cool, clean tap water.
  • Use only 110-120V AC outlet.
  • You should plug and unplug unit with dry hands only. Prior to unplugging always turn unit off. Unplug the unit when the unit is not in use and before you clean or move the unit.
  • When the water tank is empty Venta VS205 shuts off automatically.
  • Never operate the unit with a damaged cord or plug. Keep the cord straight.
  • Place the unit on an elevated, flat, level surface away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep cord away from heated surfaces and areas where it could be walked on or tripped over.
  • Do not add medication, fragrances, or oils of any type into the nozzle, base, or water tank.
  • The opening of the unit should not be covered and never insert objects into any openings.
  • Do not leave the unit, unattended in a closed room, while it is working in a continuous mode. Because there is a chance of air becoming saturated and leave condensation on wall or furniture.

How to use Venta Vs25- Ultra Sonic Humidifier?

Fill Water Tank

Before filling water in the tank, first turn off the humidifier and unplug the power cord from the AC outlet. Then turn upside down the unit and unscrew filling cap. Fill the tank with clean, cool, distilled, filtered, or tap water. Water temperature should never be too hot or too cold because extreme temperatures can damage the unit. Finally tighten the filling cap firmly and return the tank to the base. Soak the filter in warm water for some time, for first- time use or when replacing the demineralization cartridge filters.

Caution: Do not try to fill unit through Vapor Nozzle.

Digital Display

The Venta- Sonic digital display has been designed for functionality and simplicity. The unit has four buttons which can be easily set. All changes are immediately displayed on the digital display panel.

Turn unit ON/OFF

Plug power cord into a 110-120 V AC outlet only. Press power button, the digital display will illuminate.

Cool or Warm Mist Operation

You can change from cool to warm, and vice versa, by pressing the Selector Button Warm Mist. The digital display will show your selection. Switching from cool to warm will not instantly happen. It may take several minutes before warm mist exits the vapor nozzle.

Venta VS205 – Unit Parts

  • Vapor Nozzle
  • Handle
  • Demineralization Cartridge (Located inside the tank)
  • Fill Cap
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Digital Control Panel
  • Internal Ventilator
  • Water Level Sensor
  • Oscillator
  • Power Cord
  • Base

Advantages of VentaVS205

  • Advanced UltraSonic technology
  • Bacterial Protection
  • No Guess Work
  • Very simple to operate
  • One filling for a 24-hour period
  • No wick to replace, thus saving time and money
  • Extremely Quiet
  • The option to use warm or cool mist

Disadvantages of VentaVS205

  • Tanks need to be turned upside down to refill
  • Does not have built –in humidity level indicator

Venta VS205-Demineralization Cartridge

The new demineralization Cartridge equipped in the Venta VS205 Ultra Sonic Humidifier is the next generation technology. This Cartridge was specially developed for Venta Vs205. The filter housing contains a protective nano-silver material. In combination with the filter pellet material, it helps to prevent bacterial growth, calcium, and lime build-up. Depending on the water quality and usage of Venta –Sonic, replace the demineralization filter cartridge every 2-3 months or earlier. Soak the filter in warm water for some time, for first-time use or when replacing the demineralization cartridge filters.

Few Questions about Venta VS205 – Ultra Sonic Humidifier

What should I do if my Venta-Sonic does not produce mist?

First, ensure that the water tank is properly set on its base. Then make sure, whether all air bubbles are out, by tapping the tank with your finger. Do it until all air has escaped. It may take several minutes for the mist to be visible.

What need to do if the display is lit but there is no mist?

Check if the water tank is empty if it is empty then refill it. Check if the oscillator is dirty and needs cleaning.

Where does filter screw in?

You can’t get water in without taking out filter – it’s attached to cover of water opening

Is it warm or cool mist?

There is a button on the front that lets you select between the two. You can choose the option.

Does it have any auto shut off when tank is empty?


Does the humidifier come with the cartridge?


Where is the Venta Humidifier made?

It is made in Germany.

What should I do if my Venta-Sonic produces no mist, and the display is not lit?

  • Check if the plug is connected to an A/C outlet and whether there is electrical power in the outlet.
  • Try to plug the power cord into a different 110-120V A/C outlet.
  • Check if there is water in the reservoir of the base and the unit is positioned on a flat surface.

What should I do if the water in the unit will not flow down from the tank to the reservoir in the base?

  • Lightly jiggle the tank and watch the air bubbles which indicate whether the water is running down to the reservoir.
  • Remove tank and reset on the base.
  • Tap the tank slightly.
  • Check the demineralization cartridge; replace if necessary.

Venta VS205 – Cleaning

Steps for cleaning the Humidifier

  • Before cleaning unplug the unit and power cord.
  • Remove tank from the base and empty reservoir in the base.
  • Use cleaning brush or dampen a lint-free microfiber cloth with distilled or filtered water. Then clean off mineral deposits and sediment from oscillator and water sensor.
  • Refill the water tank and return it to the unit.
  • Wipe the exterior with another damp cloth and dry the exterior with another cloth.

Things to be noticed while cleaning

  • Do not use tools that have metal parts to clean.
  • The surface of the oscillator should not be damaged, because damage to the oscillator may cause the unit to not work properly.
  • The oscillator is highly sensitive, so clean it gently.
  • Do not touch the oscillator while the unit is operating.


The Venta VS20, combines a practical design, coupled with up to the minute technology that makes the unit easy to use and very effective.. There are technologies used within this unit that is hard to find in other units around this price range. This humidifier is suitable for areas up to 600 square feet. It works well in the room where people concentrate as it can relieve dryness in the room by dispelling mist and humidifying the atmosphere. The Venta ultrasonic humidifier is a fantastic and definitely worth the money.

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