Austin Air Purifiers

Why use Air Purifies?

The air inside our houses is more polluted than the outside air. We` spend most of our time indoors. The main pollutants indoors are mold and mold spores which are caused by moisture, pet dander from the fur of pets, toxins from those who smoke inside the house, pollens and allergens which sometimes gets into the house from outside and also other random dust particles from the cooling or heating systems. These pollutants cannot be seen by the naked eye. Though they do not generally harm healthy people, it can cause harm to children and to those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems. It can affect the lungs and the immune system.  

There are also serious problems caused by the increasing level of gases like carbon monoxide which come from heating devices and other harmful gases and also from chemicals like asbestos and formaldehyde.  So purifying the air that we breathe is becoming a priority.

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