Alen Paralda Air Purifier

What most people give importance in home is the decor and style and unfortunately the quality of the air comes at the last and many are even least bothered about this. They do pay attention to the air quality when there are frequent cases of allergies or asthma and other problems. The Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package is one pack that can add style to the home as well as keep those allergies and asthma away for a long time to come. The Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package includes one air purifier each of the BreatheSmart and Paralda series. Together these two air purifiers from Alen Corporation, the total coverage for pure air is 1600 sq ft.

About Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda

Alen BreatheSmart

Alen BreatheSmart series of air purifiers can cover a maximum area of 1100 sq ft which is enough for a small apartment. This air purifier is better known for its functions again allergy causing pollutants and asthma irritants. The air purifier can work fully automatic with the help of the timer. The auto air flow adjustment will regulate the speed of the circulatory fans from the available 4 speeds, accordingly. The smart sensor in this air purifier detects the air quality and increase or decrease the fan speed to have proper air filtration, all the time. The WhisperMax technology allows silent working of the air purifier. The noise level may increase slightly when used at higher speeds and the maximum will have a sound similar to that of a box fanning at medium seed. Alen BreatheSmart works with an HEPA filter layer and there are many options for the filter that can work against common air borne particles, bacteria, VOCs or heavy odours etc. Each filter has its own targeted air pollutants. The power consumption by this air purifier is 60W – 105W. The air purifier has got an Energy Star Certification for saving the power. Since the air quality may come down after 2 hours of switching off the air purifier, this Alen BreatheSmart air purifier is designed to be used 24/7 and can bring pure air for breathing by removing over 95% of the air pollutants. It works properly as long as the filter is changed regularly at 6-8 months or the least 10-12 months depending upon the usage.

Alen BreatheSmart

Alen Paralda air purifier

Alen Paralda is the most stylish air purifiers with the light green colour that is nothing to look at. The tower model occupies less space and can work efficiently to cover a maximum area of 500 sq ft and emit pure and fresh air to breathe. The small air purifier fits well for the spare rom at a home or office that removes 99% of pollutants. The dust, pollens, pet dander, mould spores etc are duly removed to make an allergy-asthma free zone right in the middle of any unfavourable environment. The pure air is sent out through both the sides to have improved efficacy than other tower air purifiers. The speed button allows 4 speeds for the fans. The air that is allowed into the air purifier passes through the pre-filter to remove larger particles and then goes through the HEPA material that is also electrostatically charged to attract the air particles. Here also the filter allows flexibility to choose the right one that suits you to have dust free, anti-microbial or odor removing air filters. The unique feature of Alen Paralda is the flexibility to program the air filtration process, when to increase and when to lower the filtration automatically. The Energy Star certification shows that Alen Paralda uses a maximum of 56W of power when working at the highest speed. The air inlet is at the back side of the air purifier and the pure air is expelled out through the sides. Because of this reason, while placing, the Alen Paralda must be kept a good distance away from wall, furniture and even curtains. It must be kept at an angle so that the air flows smoothly in and out and can circulate easily as well. The filter needs a replacement within 6-12 months or shorter depending upon the usage and air quality. The detachable and washable pre-filter helps improve the overall life of the HEPA filter. The filter change indicator light will illuminate when it is time to change the filter. The cord storage facility is yet another advantage of Alen Paralda. The cord can be wound secured at the bottom and only the needed length is to be taken out.[/restab] [restab title=”Benefits”]

Why use Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package?

The Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package allows a total coverage of 1600 sq ft that is enough for a medium sized apartment. It is not possible to cover the entire house with one single air purifier. Moreover, the type of air filter needed will be different for each room. With the Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package, one can cover the living-kitchen area with the powerful air filters and have the compact Paralda air purifier in the bedroom, without occupying much space. The Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package is also a money saver. The price to purchase the same air purifiers separately would be much higher than this package. With this package one can save $250 easily. Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package comes with the same Lifetime limited warranty applicable to the individual air purifiers. With the flexibility to use different types of air filters for targeted filtration the Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package is one package that can provide overall purification satisfaction, as long as it is used as recommended with timely filter replacement. Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package has the air purifiers that can both work as an ionizer that charges the air particles to get attached to the already charged HEPA filter. The air particles will be negatively charged and the HEPA filter is positively charged and the opposites attract each other. The ionizer button can be switched On or OFF as per convenience. As per recommendations, it is better to be used for maximum effectiveness. It is safer to use as well, as there are no threat of ozonation. The Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package comes with four filters for replacement. Use the Alen breathesmart hepa air purifier┬áthat is needed for best air filtering results in a given room per device.[/restab] [restab title=”Usage”]

Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package for whole house coverage

There is yet another Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package that includes 2 additional Paralda air purifiers to cover a large house with multiple rooms. This package covers about 2600 sq ft of area with the pure air. This bundle save you more than $400 easily.

Changing the filters

Changing the filter of the air purifiers in the Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda package is slightly different. In the Alen Breathe Smart, the front panel is opened to take the used filter out and to replace it with the new one. In Alen Paralda, there is no openable front panel, instead it opens at the top. When the filter cover is removed one can see the used filter which is secured by a plastic locking system. By releasing this lock, the filter will come loose and can be replaced easily with a fresh one.After locking the new filter in its place, close the filter cover and reset the filter change button so that it signals when it is time for the next filter change. The process applies for the Alen breathesmart hepa air purifier, the only difference is in the location of the filter and its cover. There setting is also should be done for this air purifier. Both Alen BreatheSmart and Paralda has pre-filters in their filters that can be removed and washed regularly. This will keep the inner HEPA layer comparatively cleaner and also helps extend its life. The washed pre-filter must be dried thoroughly before re-installing into the filter. Regular filter change is recommended as the dust and other particles will gradually clog the filter over the period of time. The filter may have a life span of 6-10 months usually or as less as 4 months if the air purifier is being used harder and longer. Opting for AutoShip plan for the replacement filters will be convenient for both regular supply and also to save money. There is no shipping charges when opting the AutoShip plan, only the product must be paid for.[/restab][/restabs]