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Air pollution has led to the growth of air purifiers and in turn the air filter industry. There are numerous filters from various brands, types, and sizes. One gets confused as what to look for in an air filter and how to buy. To make things easier for you I have reviewed two premium quality air filters in the size of 18x22x1 Air Filter.

Want to install good quality air filters in your air conditioners then you have reached the right place.

18x22x1 Air Conditioner & Furnace Filter

  • Dimensions: 17-3/8 x 21-1/2 x 3/4.
  • Filter Ratings: MERV 8 | FPR 5 | MPR 600

This filter comes in a pack of six and belongs to the MERV 8 category. Installing 18x22x1 in your air conditioners and furnace will help to reduce indoor air contamination largely. It helps keep the indoor air safe from airborne allergens and dust particles. If you love to breathe fresh air, where you live and work then these filters fit in perfectly to cater your requirements. Since the filters come in a pack of 6 you can change them regularly and provide healthy and clean breathing environment to your family and colleagues. In addition, regular changing of filters will help to reduce energy consumptions and costs.

Features of 18 x22 x1 MERV 8

This filter with MERV 8 Specifications is an independently tested and verified product. It shields the indoors from airborne particles like Lint, dust, pet dander, pollen, dust mites and mold.

The frame of this filter is heavy duty and moisture resistant beverage board frame. Again, if you want a different size then you have them in several standard sizes that suit your needs. 18 x 22x 1 filter is 100% synthetic and withstands wear and tear. It has moisture wicking properties and less prone to damage. It has a low-pressure drop and has the capacity to hold enormous amounts of dust without letting it out. This filter comes in a two-piece frame that is rigid due to the double-wall thickness around the outer edges. To make it rust-resistant the makers have expanded the metal support grid with galvanized steel. It is also water-resistant and durable due to the adhesive coats alongside the interiors of the frame. The pleat consistency of the filter optimizes the performance levels and filters out maximum pollutants. This filter is highly durable and strong with all the materials and finish.

Note: It is better if you replace the filters every 3 months to maintain the quality of the air indoors. In addition, this product is a proud United States make so you do not have to worry about its quality.

18x22x1 Air Filter for HVAC

  • Dimensions: 17-3/8 x 21-1/2 x 3/4.
  • Filter Rating: MERV 13 | FPR 10 | MPR 2200.

This filter belongs to the MERV 13 Category and perfectly fits into any sort or residential and commercial areas. These filters are widely used in colleges, universities, villas, apartments and government institutions. If you want premium performance filter then this one is a great pick. It works, as both pre-filter or a final filter and you do not have to rely on other high efficiency filter systems when you have 18 x22 x1 at your hands. Having this filter in your building simply means that the indoor air quality is at its best. This filter meets the international rating standards for purifying the air.

Features of 18 x22 x1 / MERV 13

This filter is widely used in industrial applications as pre-filtration system. It is used sectors like food processing plants, manufacturing, health care facilities, residential areas, and telecommunications. MERV 13 has the similar features of the above-mentioned filter like galvanized steel pleat for rust-resistance and water repellent adhesive.

It is highly durable due to the double wall frame and contains 100% synthetic materials.
It effectively tackles pollutants like pollens, dust, mites, pet dander’s, virus carriers, smog, smoke, lead, oil, and micro-allergens. I guess it has an impressive list of pollutants that it can catch when compared to other air filters. This filter is ASHRAE tested and follows the LEED guidelines. In addition to that, this filter is highly durable and the sturdy frame can withstand almost any sort of rough handling. If you want something that helps to reduce, power consumption and at the same time help to curb pollution, then bet on this filter. The consistent pleat shape and low initial resistance helps it to achieve maximum performance. It also has better capability to hold on dirt particles and filter more and more.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have bought these filters say that they work well and strain out almost every pollutant floating out in the air. They say that these filters are waterproof and the build quality seems to be perfect. They are of the opinion that these filters cleanse the air better and generate fresh quality air into the indoors. However, most of them say that replacing them every 3 or 4 months is necessary to keep the air clean. If not, more and more dirt will pack on these filters and will make it worthless. Overall, they say that these are great picks for the reasonable price and come in a convenient pack of six.

18x22x1 Air Filter Conclusion

Air pollution is now a never-ending saga. We use hell many products and lead a lifestyle that contributes to this dreadful pollution. It is best to avoid pollution by installing air filters so that we can breathe fresh air and keep our family safe. Buying and changing filters are now a cakewalk and I hope you would have understood how cool the above air filters work. They do super cleaning and come in a convenient pack of six so that you do not have to keep ordering repeatedly.

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